Neemjah is an obtainable luxury brand Inspired by AFRICA, NATURE and YOU. Created by our founder, economist, creative, art & photography enthusiast OBI JACQUELINE. She believes that everyone deserves to look and feel like a million bucks regardless of what their account balance is saying.

Our Meticulous pieces are aesthetic, authentic and inclusive. Empowering you to embrace your unique features and celebrate yourself unapologetically. How far can you go knowing you’ve got all it takes?!.

As a slow fashion brand our designs have been made from thoroughly sourced top shelf fabrics like vintage, cotton, silk , crepes etc with small scale production from our atelier and a shorter supply chain to minimize waste with a specific order quantity! This allows us to produce better-quality garments that transcend trends and values fair treatment of people and the planet. We ship worldwide on preorder basis for the sake of reducing waste to only produce what is ordered as well as support our environment.